Monday, April 26, 2010

Back on the Wagon

Here is the third and final bloglet by guest blogger and Bootcamper Adrienne: Thanks so much, Adrienne, for sharing your thoughts on Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers with us all!


When I say I've been Bootcamping for almost two years, I mean that I have been following it in some form or another for two years. It's not been two years of perfection, but rather a learning process of making this method a part of the fabric of my life.

With that, there have been many times getting on the wagon and falling off and then climbing back on and then jostled off... rinse, dry, and repeat. "Falling off" has taken many forms... emergency c-section, moving across the country, plain old laziness. Each time I neglected my house to the point of a clean house being a distant dream and memory, I had to make a choice and an effort to get back into the routines I knew worked. Allow me to share some of what I've learned:

1. It took you days, weeks, months (and maybe even years) to get to messy state you're in now. Don't expect to get back into a well-oiled machine in one day or week or month.

2. Just because you can't do it all in one day that doesn't mean you shouldn't start with the one day you can control and change: TODAY!

3. Pick the job that is bugging you the most and fix it. It's tempting to start with something easy, but then, if you're like me, you'll be constantly taunted and discouraged by that dirty, stinky elephant in the middle of your house. Tackle the most difficult task first and then you'll be able to enjoy doing the smaller jobs! Oh, and remember, if you tackle it well, then maintain it faithfully, you won't have to deal with it like that again next week! ;)

4. Remember why you're doing this... yes, you're tired of being embarrassed to have company over and yes, your hubby is sick of the mess! Ultimately, however, you want to get back to enjoying your home and your family. So pick a job, do it, then go play with your kids for a bit, then pick another job, do it, then have a cup of coffee.

5. Go to bed happy that you have accomplished something, anything today. We're all busy moms and there is more to life than a clean house. A clean house is a means to an end. Don't let it rule you... YOU rule the house!

So get back on that wagon and come along for the ride. We have a lot of fun!


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Now pick a tough task....and get to work!

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