Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time Thyself

This drawing, created by Fuschia Macaree (but with a few pitfalls digitally added by me), almost needs no additional comment.
The internet has so much to offer: knowledge, friendship, information, inspiration...which can often add up to a whole lot of wasted time. It has probably happened to you. (It sure has happened to me.) You hop online just to check one thing...and before you know it, the day is half gone. Or all gone. And you are full of much rightly-placed domestic guilt. We simply cannot let our online lives take over our REAL ones. The simplest solution in the world is: Surfer, Time Thyself.

Use a watch with an alarm.

Grab an egg timer from the kitchen.

Set your iPhone to yell at you. (Alarmed is a great app for that.)

But do not, I repeat, DO NOT think, "I'll only be on here for a moment."

(And now, Heidi preaches to herself:)
The web is fun and educational and has its place, even for encouraging and loving one another. But the good work that God has given you to do begins in your own home, with the people and the tasks over which he gave you charge. Your children. Their education. The dishes. Even the dirty toilet.

May we always keep the first things first and the last things last!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You've Got to Pin it, Pin it!

Have you noticed the "Follow me on Pinterest" button on the left sidebar?

When I was younger, I remember my mom poring through magazines she'd kept and clipping out "inspiration". It might have been clothing,  home design ideas, or organizational strategies, but after she clipped them, she tucked them away in labeled folders. (She's very organized!) Unfortunately, after the clippings are filed away, they are pretty much"out of sight, out of mind." Not to mention that those folders begin to take up a lot of space.

Once again, the digital age saves the day with a wonderful newish website called Pinterest.

What can you do with Pinterest?
Pinterest is a series of virtual cork boards that allows you to "clip" photos you find on the web and "file" them visually in whatever categories you choose. The links are automatically saved so you can always find your way back to beautiful blogs, tutorials, DIY's and the like.

Courtesy of Pinterest

 You could plan your Dream Home!

Courtesy of Pinterest

   You could plan your Dream Wedding!

Courtesy of Pinterest

   You can plan your Dream Meal!

 The most fun part is that Pinterest is social. You can connect with your friends from Facebook, Twitter and beyond to see what they're pinning, (and they can see what you're pinning), and you can re-pin their pins and vice-versa. You can see what fun things they've repinned, and on and on into the webosphere. It's just like Kindergarten, instead of sharing paste and teddy bears, we share visual ideas. There are even mobile apps so you can pin things on the go.

There now. Aren't you Pinspired?

You can request an invite at Pinterest or leave a comment with your e-mail address and I will send you an invite ASAP. And please follow me on Pinterest as I try to find Bootcamping Beauty!