Sunday, November 25, 2012

Super Cyber Special

I guess it's time to get (virtually) on board and add my own Cyber Monday special! Lulu is offering a great coupon for 30% off any paper copy (or copies!) of Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers, and I'm adding another 30% off, (no coupon code needed). That's a total savings of over $14.00, now through Tuesday, Nov. 27!
Just remember to type in the coupon code DELIRITAS at checkout to receive Lulu's half of the discount. 
Now is a great time to think ahead to New Year's resolutions and get yourself a copy, or pick up a copy for someone you love.

Have a wonderful, restful Lord's Day, and then tomorrow, get back to work!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AMAZING deal at Plan to Eat This Weekend!

I'm not a blogger who sells a lot of other people's stuff. I don't hawk a lot of products just because I got free samples of them. I really have to LOVE and USE a product before I'll hop on here and tell you about it. But you already know that I love Plan to Eat. I'm just one week shy of having used it for two full years now, and I never get tired of telling people, "HEY! Are you tired of traditional menu-planning? Can't seem to stick to your grocery budget? You've got to check this out!" (If you don't remember all my gushing over Plan to Eat, then go HERE to the exhaustive post I wrote about it last year.)

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Seriously, Plan to Eat is ABSOLUTELY worth the $39/year I've paid for it the last few years. I probably save more than $39 a month by using this web-based software to easily plan my menu and create an amazingly intuitive shopping list. (And one that goes with me to the store on my iPod - you don't NEED a smartphone with a data plan to get the full benefit of the program!) And because Plan to Eat  tells me what's in my pantry, I don't overbuy or underbuy, I know how much my meals cost (so I can plan according to my budget more efficiently), and I can take my cookbook with me anywhere in the world.

So, when Plan to Eat offers their annual half-off sale, I feel like I need to shout it from the rooftops! 50%-off a yearly subscription is only $1.58 a month for this amazing product. Have you ever gone to the grocery store and forgotten to buy something? Did you have to drive back to get it? Then you probably spent more than $1.58 in gas. Have you ever bought more than you needed because you were guesstimating the amounts on your shopping list? Never used that bunch of lettuce you thought you needed? You might have thrown $1.58 in the trash can.

But don't just take my word for it. This sale starts on Nov. 23, so if you sign up for a free trial today, you'll have a few days to explore it risk-free on your own computer, in your own time, and with your own recipes. (They won't ask you for a credit card number -- I promise!) Use it plan Thanksgiving dinner and see how it fits your family. And then when you love it (and I think you will!), sign up for an annual subscription at half the cost! How great is that? Just get signed up by Nov. 25, because that's when it's back to normal cost.

Use the code givingthanks at checkout to get your discount, or just click on the banner above. If you're in your trial month right now (and you were planning to subscribe), this is the time to make the commitment. And if you are already a subscriber and have been thinking about giving gift subscriptions to Plan to Eat, this is the best opportunity to buy unlimited gift subscriptions at only $15.50 each! (Talk about the gift that keeps on giving all year long!)

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to EatFull disclosure: YES, I have an affiliate link, so if you sign up through me, I get a little back each month. (THANK YOU!) But if you don't want to sign up through me, no worries. You should still consider Plan to Eat because it's a wonderful service that will save your family time and money!

Have questions? Want to gush on Plan to Eat with me a little? Leave a comment! I LOVE comments!

I hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veterans Day!

As a former Marine wife AND a former service member myself, I understand the sacrifices our military members have made and are making every day. We want to say THANK YOU!

Please enjoy this coupon - 20% off any copy of Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers. (Use the code VETS2012 at checkout). PLUS, enjoy an additional 30% off paper copies- NO ADDITIONAL COUPON NEEDED. That's HALF-OFF any paper copy of the book, now though Tuesday.

Thanks for your service, and for supporting our service members!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sale's Sailing Away...and Kindle Freebies!

Can the month of March be already coming to a close? How is this possible! This month's end signifies something else amazing at our home, which is the first birthday of our sweet baby girl. How fast time has flown by!

The end of March also means, for you, dear Bootcampers, the end of the Spring Sale! You have just five days left to get your copy of Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers for 25% off! Don't miss out!

On the subject of books, I thought I would share a few wonderful Kindle freebies with you. Sometimes  free Kindle ebooks stay up for a while, but sometimes they are gone after only one day. (Please do check the price before you click "Buy" -- I can't guarantee that they will still be freebies tomorrow!) How to Declutter Your Home for Simple Living by Judith Turnbridge and Joyful Momma's Guide to Shopping & Cooking Frugally by Kimberly Eddy are both free today on Kindle...catch them while they last! I haven't read either, but they both look interesting, and I have read many of Kimberly Eddy's other books. She is truly an inspiring homemaker!

Speaking of ebooks, don't forget that Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers is also available in ebook format

Enjoy a a little coffee break from spring cleaning with a motivational read...and then get back to work!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lucky Little Coupons = Big Savings For You!

It's Your Lucky Day!

When you use the promo code GIANTSHAMROCK305 at check-out, you'll receive 20% off your total order. Add this to the 25% off Spring Sale, and get your coil-bound copy of Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers for 45% off...TODAY ONLY! (The 25% off Spring Sale lasts all March, even if you miss the extra 20% off today!)

Don't miss out on getting the book that will help you transform your home "From Messed to Blessed in a Month or Less"...for almost HALF OFF!

Thinking ahead to bridal shower gifts? 

Use the promo code FOURLEAF to get a fourth book free when you buy three. Get a free copy for yourself and gift some young new brides with a strong start in managing their new homes. The 25% off Spring Sale applies to this, too....It's a savings of $42!!
Now get to work!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Springing into Clean: Kid's Desk Clean Up

  A few days ago I posted a great link on getting your desk clean and organized and ready to be a real Home Command Center. Have you had a chance to tackle that project yet? Feel free to send me links to your before & after photos and I'll share them here!

  I'm working on my own desk today...and part of my project is developing a better "inbox" system for the others who walk by it. It tends to be a dumping ground for EVERYONE in the house, no matter how tidy I attempt to keep it.

  Today we're springing into clean by helping our children organize their desks, and help them learn to keep them organized. Teaching them to develop their own organizational system will not only allow them to excel in their academic and creative outlets now, but will allow them to grow into better-organized and more productive adults.

  Here are a few links to inspire you: Real Simple's A Children's Bedroom Gets Organized, gives a few simple tips on cleaning and setting up a desk area. Home Made Simple's Total Drawer Clean Out helps you reclaim the full potential of your most-used drawers by refreshing them in just two steps. A tutorial from Cozy Little House shows you how to decorate file folders, and a super-cheap and fun way to store them in a re-purposed dish rack - perfect for a child who needs file folder storage, but doesn't have/want/need a whole file cabinet.

  Looking for ways to keep the desktop clear? How about this re-purposed shower caddy to store desk supplies! If you'd rather keep your child's writing supplies at hand, there are cute and cheap homemade desk caddies here and here.

   Don't have a desk at all? I LOVE this double-desk from Apartment Therapy- perfect for kids sharing a bedroom or homeschool room. Twice the storage, but saves on floor space!

    Looking for more inspiration? Follow me on Pinterest for lots of Bootcamping Beauties! I add more  fun and pinteresting links every day!

 Get to organizing those desks and have fun!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring into Clean: Total Desk Clean Out

We're going to Spring into Cleaning today by tackling our desks! Nothing can help (or hinder) the management of the rest of the house quite like an organized (or shamefully cluttered!) desk.
 For helpful how-to's, we're linking up with Home Made Simple's guide to a "Total Desk Clean Out".  They give you the simple tools it takes to clean it, organize it, and beautify it - 1, 2, 3!

Clean out that desk and enjoy your space again!
Now get to work!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring into Clean: Super Shortcuts!

With the weather getting warmer and family activities kicking into high gear, maybe you think you don't have time for a true spring cleaning. My motto is: "You always make time for what you value", and I value a neat and orderly home. However, that doesn't mean you need to spend all month cleaning your house.
Today's Spring into Cleaning link is a list of lovely corners you can cut by the crafty folks over at Real Simple. These Spring Cleaning Shortcuts  should help you find your comfortable level of clean and organized and still give you plenty of time for playing in the sunshine with your little ones.


(Need help creating a plan to manage your household all year long? Check out Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers, on sale this month!)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring into Clean: Gorgeous Guest Rooms

Today's Spring into Clean link takes you to Home Made Simple's guide to a "Total Guest Room Clean Out". You'll find a downloadable (and printable) checklist to tackle every inch of your guest room and make is clean, comfy and welcoming for springtime visitors.
Home Made Simple is one of my favorite sites for tips on freshening up your home and cooking for a crowd. You may notice that it's a P&G-sponsored site, so they recommend cleaning with their own brand-name store-bought chemicals. If you already use those cleaners, you'll find deals and coupons there, too. If not, just ignore their ads and suggestions, and use your favorite green and homemade cleaners.
Are you trying to go green in your house this spring? Here are some tried and true recipes for natural cleaners from Annie Berthold-Bond's book, Clean & Green, which I refer to in Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers (on sale this month!)
Stayed tuned for more Spring Clean-a-thon links!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Cleaning (and a Sale!)

The winds are whipping our skirts up here on the mountain and the smell of spring is in the air. That can mean only one thing for me: Carve out some time for spring cleaning!

If you've never done a real spring cleaning and don't know where to start, I'll be posting lots of links and helpful hints over the next weeks, so stay tuned.

For the occasion, the coil-bound edition of Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers is on sale for the month of March at 25% off regular price. Take this sweet opportunity to spend less on the book that will teach you how to clean and maintain your home long after spring cleaning is past. No coupon code is needed...just use the link above!

Pssst! A bonus! Use the promo code "SPACIOUS" at check-out to save an additional 20% off your order today only!


Free e-book!

Wholesome Childhood's Homeschool Freebie of the Day is offering a wonderful new e-book by Christina Wong of Youthful Homemaker that tells you everything you need to know to make your own natural homemade cleaners without harsh chemicals. The recipes are really easy to follow! Making your home’s cleaners will keep your healthy and save you money, and this e-book will show you how to do it! Normal Value: $4.99. (This e-book is can be purchased through Youthful Homemaker, but the freebie is only available through Wholesome Childhood.)
 Get your copy today...their download links don't last long!