Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sale's Sailing Away...and Kindle Freebies!

Can the month of March be already coming to a close? How is this possible! This month's end signifies something else amazing at our home, which is the first birthday of our sweet baby girl. How fast time has flown by!

The end of March also means, for you, dear Bootcampers, the end of the Spring Sale! You have just five days left to get your copy of Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers for 25% off! Don't miss out!

On the subject of books, I thought I would share a few wonderful Kindle freebies with you. Sometimes  free Kindle ebooks stay up for a while, but sometimes they are gone after only one day. (Please do check the price before you click "Buy" -- I can't guarantee that they will still be freebies tomorrow!) How to Declutter Your Home for Simple Living by Judith Turnbridge and Joyful Momma's Guide to Shopping & Cooking Frugally by Kimberly Eddy are both free today on Kindle...catch them while they last! I haven't read either, but they both look interesting, and I have read many of Kimberly Eddy's other books. She is truly an inspiring homemaker!

Speaking of ebooks, don't forget that Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers is also available in ebook format

Enjoy a a little coffee break from spring cleaning with a motivational read...and then get back to work!

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Heidi Schaap

Heidi is a child of God, a homemaker, wife to a studly backyard lumberjack, and homeschooling Momma to nine fun, highly energetic outdoorling children. Her family homesteads a small patch of woods in Ohio and when Heidi’s not in the kitchen baking bread or cookies, she’s growing veggies, playing tag with dairy goats, and shooing chickens off the front porch. Heidi loves books, natural living, and coffee…Actually, let’s put the coffee first. She is the author of Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers, a book she hopes will bless you immensely.

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Karen said...

I just received a copy of your book. I really want to try to get organized with housekeeping as it is my downfall. Imagine my disappointment when I realized it is organized around stay at home moms. Do you have any recommendations for those of us who must work outside the home? Wish I had a husband for financial support but I am on my own.