Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Springing into Clean: Kid's Desk Clean Up

  A few days ago I posted a great link on getting your desk clean and organized and ready to be a real Home Command Center. Have you had a chance to tackle that project yet? Feel free to send me links to your before & after photos and I'll share them here!

  I'm working on my own desk today...and part of my project is developing a better "inbox" system for the others who walk by it. It tends to be a dumping ground for EVERYONE in the house, no matter how tidy I attempt to keep it.

  Today we're springing into clean by helping our children organize their desks, and help them learn to keep them organized. Teaching them to develop their own organizational system will not only allow them to excel in their academic and creative outlets now, but will allow them to grow into better-organized and more productive adults.

  Here are a few links to inspire you: Real Simple's A Children's Bedroom Gets Organized, gives a few simple tips on cleaning and setting up a desk area. Home Made Simple's Total Drawer Clean Out helps you reclaim the full potential of your most-used drawers by refreshing them in just two steps. A tutorial from Cozy Little House shows you how to decorate file folders, and a super-cheap and fun way to store them in a re-purposed dish rack - perfect for a child who needs file folder storage, but doesn't have/want/need a whole file cabinet.

  Looking for ways to keep the desktop clear? How about this re-purposed shower caddy to store desk supplies! If you'd rather keep your child's writing supplies at hand, there are cute and cheap homemade desk caddies here and here.

   Don't have a desk at all? I LOVE this double-desk from Apartment Therapy- perfect for kids sharing a bedroom or homeschool room. Twice the storage, but saves on floor space!

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 Get to organizing those desks and have fun!

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