Monday, April 27, 2015

Last Chance for Your Bundle!

Hey, Bootcampers!

I know you've been hearing about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle in every little corner of the internet this week. And I won't bug you anymore about it after this brief reminder.

But tomorrow about this time, I'm going to start getting desperate e-mails. A few of you will comment on the blog. I'm going to hear from wonderful people who got busy or distracted or thought, "I'll get to it tomorrow!" and didn't buy the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle I've been promoting all week long. And they will ask me, "Isn't there ANY WAY I can still get a bundle?" Unfortunately, the answer is always no. And these people are always so disappointed. (And I am so disappointed for them!) Don't let it happen to you!

Many of you have read these posts from me to remind you about this great deal. Some of you have seen my updates over on Facebook, my pins, my tweets. Maybe you wanted to buy one, but you've been putting it off until later. Friend, you won't get any more reminders! This deal is over tonight at midnight. If you've been waiting until the right moment, that moment is now! Get it today before it goes away forever.

Brief Overview of what's included: 
✔ 76 eBooks 

✔ 6 eCourses 

✔ 1 audio download 

✔ 2 online conferences, & 

✔ 14 printable packs 

 That's over $1200-worth of stuff for only $29.97. Do the math.

That's about a 97% savings.  

Still not sure about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can buy it now and have a whole month to check out the products. You've got nothing to lose!

And don't forget that I am throwing in my own bonus if you buy the bundle using my links. I'll send you a free copy of my book, Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers. Just email me once you've purchased the bundle, and I'll send along your bonus! 


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Just so you know: Some of my links are affiliate links. That means I get a little bit back if you choose to purchase a linked item. It doesn't cost you anything, but it might help me buy another chicken...Win-Win! Thanks!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Need Some Organizing Inspiration? Here's the Deal!

Happy Friday, Bootcampers!

How are y'all doing?  I know I’m having a busy day here. My husband was out of town working in another state for almost two weeks, and now that he’s home again, it’s full-bore homesteading today!

My menfolk (and some of the little ladies) are out moving split wood and shoveling compost, getting the property ready for fencing and chickens (I’m so excited about the chickens, I can’t sleep at night. Yes, I’m that that lady.)

 Tomorrow, however, is supposed to be heavy rain. Again. Because Southwest Ohio, y’all. So we have the whiteboard filled with a long list of inside projects for tomorrow, and they all have a common theme: ORGANIZE. A big part of ORGANIZE is DISCARD. I’m a little more than half-way through Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up ”, and overall, it inspires me. (When I finish the book, and give it a chance in implementation, I’ll write a review.) I know the biggest task for tomorrow is to go through boxes and boxes and boxes of children’s clothes and give away a lot. We hope God blesses us with more children, so we’re not willing to give away all the clothes smaller than my youngest of each boy and girl, but we are willing to pare down significantly.

How many t-shirts could a kid possibly need?
When you’re the crazy family with eight (and hopefully more) kiddos, people looooove to give you their children’s outgrown clothes. While this is often a blessing, there are some outfits that I kept and hung up in the closet for 4 children in a row and they were never put on said children. Never. So away they go. There is just too much stuff and not enough space in here, and it’s a little suffocating.

So tell me, what organization projects do y’all have going, friends? If you’re looking for help or inspiration, let me tell you about this great deal: There are 4 organizing eBooks and Printables - worth $64.96 - in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle sale that’s going on right now.


And the bundle costs only $29.97. 

That right there would be an awesome deal, but of course, you won’t ONLY get those 4 eBooks and printables. You’ll also get 95 other amazing eBooks, eCourses, audio courses, and bonuses. For under 30 bucks! Altogether, the bundle is worth more than $1,200.

Personally, I’m really excited to try out Mystie Winckler’s Paperless Home Organization system. While I love the idea of binders, I’m generally a digital person in every other way. Sometimes I’ll print out all the pretty sheets and stick them in a binder and they’ll go completely unused, while I keep all my actual notes in the Wunderlist app on my iPod, or organized in the colorful folders on my computer desktop.

Hop on over to my blog post to check out all the resources in the deal, or head over to the Ultimate Bundle site to grab yours! But don’t miss out, because the doors are closing in just...

And don't forget: When you buy an Ultimate Homemaking Bundle through me, I'll send you an eBook version of Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepersfor free! Just email me at bootcampforlousyhousekeepers (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll match your name with the ledger! Well, a big box full of homeschool papers to sort awaits me. I'd better get back to it! Have a great weekend, Bootcampers --  I hope wherever you are, you are warm, happy and productive!

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Just so you know: Some of my links are affiliate links. That means I get a little bit back if you choose to purchase a linked item.

It doesn't cost you anything, but it might help me buy another chicken... Win-Win! Thanks!  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Ultimate Answer to Invitation Season (+Free Book Bonus!)

Dear Bootcampers,

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the ramp-up of mail now that it’s spring?

Of course, winter brought its delightful share of holiday greetings, and later, cheerful seed and hatchery catalogs. (I love those!) But spring brings a different kind of mail to the Schaap homestead.

It’s Invitation Season.

Darling babies are being born. Sweet young ladies are turning sixteen. Bright young men and women are graduating. Handsome couples are becoming One in marriage. It is a season of celebration. And all of this means I spend a fair amount of time thinking about gift-giving. And spend a fair amount of money, too, if I’m being honest.

Just last night I was discussing a few upcoming gift-giving events with my Mr., and reminiscing over one of the most fun and personal birthday gifts I’ve given.

For a dear friend’s Sweet Sixteen, I scoured all the free eBook resources I could gather and compiled a Homemaking Treasury on a USB stick. I included lots of vintage books with wonderful titles like The American Frugal Housewife and The Country Housewife and Lady’s Director in the Management of a House, and the Delights and Profits of a Farm. I also included articles, printables and of course, my book, too. There were 74 books in all. A tiny treasure trove of knowlege.

Photo by Charlotte Boyer
Can you imagine if I had given her a box with 74 books? Though that would have been insanely fun for her to open, I can’t imagine giving someone that much actual, physical stuff. Unless I also build her a bookshelf?! Plus, the price. One reason I had to resort to mostly free digital books is because I simply can’t afford to buy 74 books on homemaking as a gift. Even with a Kindle sale, at, let’s say, $3 a book? That's $222. Not in my budget, Bootcampers. And probably not in yours.

But what if you could gift an amazing library of digital titles to a sweet young lady for only $29.97? 

You can!

I’m talking about 76 eBooks, 6 eCourses, an audio conference, 2 online conferences, and 14 printable packs, plus, bonuses like a course from Craftsy (she’d get to choose!), a ListPlanIt membership, credits for beautiful art prints for the home, a dinner planning service subscription…even a beautiful scarf! I’m thinking this gift would be amazing for a young homemaker or homemaker in training.

Of course, with 99 hand-picked resources in the bundle, you could streeeeetch the gift — and your budget — even further. Going to a baby shower soon? Gift that sweet new mom the books on pregnancy and babies, motherhood, and faith-building in children. Heading to a wedding shower this summer? Give that beautiful bride her own little package on cleaning, DIY, cookbooks, and marriage. Does your Mom or Daughter need some encouragement? Give her the books on faith and self-care. Do you know a young homeschooling mom who’s struggling? Send her a little encouragement with homeschooling books and printables. And after all that? You’d still have books and the bonuses left over for yourself! *FAQ's at the bottom of the post!

 Gifting a bundle is easy. 

1. Buy a bundle and download the resources you want to gift.
2. Transfer them to a cute USB drive (you could even decorate it with stickers)
3.  Delete the files you gifted from your own computer. 
4. Give the gift, and watch her smile. :) 

 I know I’ve shared my story before — I went into marriage, homemaking, and motherhood largely unprepared. I remember fondly when my Momma, who helped me set up our newlywed apartment, took me to a Barnes & Noble to look for a book on how to outfit a home. (We didn’t even have a wedding shower, so we were seriously starting from scratch, y’all!) The young salesman led us to a section of books and knowingly held up a volume on Feng Shui. Almost seventeen years later, and we are still laughing over that one! What a difference a bundle like this one might have made.

Can I make this deal a little sweeter?

Buy a bundle and I’ll send you an eBook copy of Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers to add to your bundle! 

Give it away, or maybe just keep it for yourself! (I won't tell!)  Just email me at bootcampforlousyhousekeepers (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me your name and whether you purchased a .pdf or Kindle version, so my eBook version will match yours. (When you buy the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle through me, I see your name so I'll be able to match you up!)

Don't wait too long, friends. Look at the countdown below to see how the time on this deal is flying by!

 Want more details about what's in this year's Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? Check out my blog post about it, or click on over to the Ultimate Bundle site.

 I know I’m buying an extra bundle for gifting away this Invitation Season. I can’t wait to make some young homemakers smile! Who’s with me?


Just so you know: Some of my links are affiliate links. That means I get a little bit back if you choose to purchase a linked item. It doesn't cost you anything, but it might help me buy another chicken...Win-Win! Thanks!

*From the Utimate Bundle FAQ, here's the fine print on gifting books: “Though sharing [that is, you have your own digital copy and ALSO give the same purchased digital copy to someone else] is not allowed, you can give an ebook to someone else if you decide you don’t want to keep it or have read it already and won’t use it again. You can do this by sending the book to the receiving person and then deleting it from your computer and any other electronic devices you own so that they have the only copy.”

What if you just want to gift the whole bundle via email and skip the USB stick? “If you’d like to purchase and give an eBook bundle to someone, that is perfectly fine! When you order a bundle, please forward the download email to and let us know the full name (first and last names) and email address that you would like to give it to, and we’ll take care of the rest!”

Can I give someone a few of my bonuses and keep the rest for myself? "Unfortunately, no. You’re welcome to tell anyone about the bundle or these fantastic new companies you’ve discovered, but these offers are made available solely to those who have bought their OWN eBook bundle, and are not able to be used multiple times.
That said, you are welcome to redeem your bonus offers, and then give them away to someone else as a gift. The point is that you may not share the redemption codes or information with anyone." (If you'd like someone to have all the bonuses themselves, gift them an entire bundle directly, as in the point above!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Surviving Off Off-Grid Radio Interview

Hi Bootcampers! A few weeks ago I shared our homesteading year in review, and mentioned our ongoing journey toward off off-grid living. If you read the blog, you know I credited much of our inspiration to do so to a book called Surviving Off Off-Grid: Decolonizing the Industrial Mind, by best-selling author Michael Bunker.

Happily, it turns out that my friend Scott from the North Country Farmer blog interviewed Mr. Bunker on his radio show last week. For those of you who are curious about what off off-grid means (and why anyone would be nutty enough to want to follow that path), take a listen.

Mr. Bunker always educates, and often entertains. To quote Scott: "[Bunker's] book helped countless souls break away from the industrial mindset and start down the homesteading path. Join us for a discussion of themes and ideas contained in this classic book and how to implement them in your life."

I know we've been changed by this book, and it could be that you will be, too.

Just so you know: Some of my links are affiliate links. That means I get a little bit back if you choose to purchase a linked item. It doesn't cost you anything, but it might help me buy another chicken...Win-Win! Thanks!

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is Here!

Are you ready to feather your nest this spring? 
The 2015 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is here!

Dear Homemaker,

Are the inmates running the asylum?

I heard that question the other day, and I laughed. out. loud. Yep, even as I sit here typing, the two-year old and four-year old are being watched by the ten year-old, and the cute button-sorting activity I created for her has become a button-grenade launching session, and I'm hollering, "Get them off the floor! The baby will eat them and choke!" because she's crawling now. Fast. So they switched to watercolor painting, only to have the four-year dump the ENTIRE cup of water all over herself, her sister, and the church clothes I was going to iron today for next week.
(It's Laundry Day, ya know. And I was going to be ahead of the game. Sigh.) So, sorry to disappoint those of you who think I float around my home in a Donna Reed haze of joy and fresh baked cookies. Life is real up in here. Sometimes I look around my house and wonder how things get so crazy so quickly.

I'll admit it: When I was a little girl, I was not the type who dreamed about getting married, becoming a mommy, and having my own home. In fact, here's what I wanted to be "when I grew up": a third-world nun (even though we weren't Catholic), an astronaut on a long-distance space mission, and a Bible-translating jungle missionary. (Okay, so I still want to be a jungle missionary.) What I actually did become was a soldier. See the overarching theme here? Single! Adventure! The far ends of the earth (and beyond!) In fact, I didn't think about what married life meant until about 3 days before I was engaged. To quote Johnny Cash, "We got married in a fever." And I've don't regret it. But I went into marriage and homemaking completely unprepared. I had to imagine and re-imagine everything I ever thought about what marriage, family and homemaking was, and very quickly.
I knew a home that was more than just 4 walls, a roof, and a mortgage.
I knew I wanted to make a special place that was a miraculous fusion of:

  • a school,
  • a playground,
  • a farm,
  • a sanctuary,
  • a natural hospital,
  • an inspiration station, and...
  • a safe place to fall in to one another at the end of a hard day.

And then real life happened…
…laundry, diapers, morning sickness, stretch marks, tiny budgets, military deployments -- my husband's, and then mine -- and never-ending meal prep and dirty dishes, college loans and evening classes, post-partum depression -- eight times, gritty floors, filthy walls, more morning sickness and piles of clutter… holiday stress, potty training, hospital trips and chronic illness, teaching my children to read...and master long division...(and master calculus)… planting gardens that failed, children with the pukes, the sniffles, allergies and fevers… and a secret dream to write a book and try to help other homemakers learn more easily what I had struggled to grasp.

And that’s why Erin and Stephanie created the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle… because as rewarding as it is, homemaking is hard work and it doesn’t always come easily.

So let me tell you all about it!

To help you nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships with proven, simple, and effective tools that really give you a boost as a homemaker – help, inspiration, tips, encouragement, resources at your fingertips…

… the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is just for you.

It is a complete library of carefully selected eBooks, eCourses, audios, online conferences, and printable packs designed to help you turn your house into a home… without all the overwhelm.

What’s in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

The first step in putting together this collection was to find the critical homemaking skills that you need to transform your house into a home.

Do you want to a healthy, toxin-free home?

    Do you want to discover fun and frugal ways to express your personal style?

    Wish you could take a break from the daily grind to renew yourself?

    Need help building a budget that works?

    Could you serve easier, tastier meals in less time?

    Want to brighten up old family traditions and create new ones?

    Do you desire to homeschool with love, grace, and ease?

    Want to learn how to be married to your best friend?

    Looking for peace and joy as a mother?

    Want to conquer the clutter and simplify your life?

    Wouldn't you love to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and prepare to nurture your baby?

    Need ideas for soothing aches & pains with natural remedies?

    Do you harbor a secret desire to sharpen your skills, live your passions and earn money to help your family...from home?

    Plus! Audio and eCourses to help you hone your homemaking, marriage, and mothering skills!

    And even more: Planners and printables to help you get organized and create homemaking binders that really work!

    In all, this is a complete library of 99 eBooks and eCourses to help you nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships. It is, in a single word, AMAZING.

    Here are some questions you might have:

    Are there too many books in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

    You just saw the types and titles available in this bundle, and you might wonder “Where would I even start?” It are a lot of books. But this doesn't have to be burden. It can be a joy! Just start somewhere. Pick one area of interest, or one place you feel like you're struggling with right now, and jump in.
    Come back to the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle “buffet” as many times as you like. It’s all here for you whenever you want it or need it


    But some of these books just don't apply to me!

    What if you're looking at these titles and thinking, "I'm not a mom!" Or, "I don't homeschool!" Or, "I have no interest in working from home!" Guess what! You don't have to download any books you don't want to. Or -- and I think this is just plain cool -- it's perfectly fine for you to download the book and email to a friend, mom, aunt, daughter - whomever. Just delete it off your computer once you've sent it on. Isn't that great? Keep what you want, share what you won't use, and maximize the amazing deal you're already getting!

    I'm on a really limited budget. It's a great deal... but it's still too much!

    I totally understand that. With eight kids of my own, our budget for extras like this is itsy-bitsy. So here's the thing: Do you have a friend who would enjoy this kind of bundle? Send her the link to this page, and see if she'd like to share! YES! You can split the cost with a friend, (though only one of you will buy it and download it), and then both of you can share the books back and forth, since you're co-owners. How cool is that!

    Is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle worth it?

    In a word… yes!
    To be absolutely certain, Erin and Stephanie asked questions, tried techniques and just about drove themselves crazy making sure that the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle was the very best homemaking resource anywhere.
    They dug through hundreds of websites and connected with dozens of authors and teachers.
    And then we all worked together to make these resources the most affordable possible.

    And They Were Delighted to Help…

    The result? This collection is a fraction of the price of what someone would pay for each resource individually!
    For a short time, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle… a complete library of:

    -76 eBooks

    -6 eCourses

    -1 audio download

    -2 online conferences, and

    -14 printable packs

    …99 carefully selected resources designed to help you nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships… is only $29.97. (A total value of $984.74.)
    That breaks down to 30 cents per book.

    Your 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If for any reason, you decide that the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is not for you, then please send an email to and we will refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked.

    Don’t Forget the Bonuses!

    Of course, no Ultimate Homemaking Bundle would be complete without the generous, inspiring gifts donated by companies that understand homemakers like you. Every gift is yours to keep and enjoy.

      -Choose 1 FREE Online Class from Craftsy (Select from 24 of Their Most Popular Classes – Up to $60 Value)

      -1 FREE Kids Discovery Box from Green Kid Crafts ($19.95 Value)

      -FREE $15 Credit to Hope Ink PLUS 2 FREE 8×10 Art Prints ($71 Value)

      -FREE 90-Day “Good Deal” Subscription to She Plans Dinner ($15 Value)

      -Choose 1 FREE Stylish Spring Scarf from Deborah & Co. ($20 Value)

      -FREE $80 Healthy Moving Class Credit ($80 Value)

      -FREE 90-Day Pro Membership to ListPlanIt ($30 Value)

      -FREE 65 Tyndale Rewards Points to Be Used for a FREE Book or Towards Any Book of Your Choice ($15 Value)

      Now It’s Your Turn

      I think Laura Ingalls Wilder said it best…
      “Just as a little thread of gold, running through a fabric, brightens the whole garment, so women’s work at home, while only the doing of little things, is just like the golden gleam of sunlight that runs through and brightens the whole fabric of civilization.”

      The proven, simple, and effective skills you need to transform your house into a home are all waiting for you in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

      This is your chance to get all the love, support, guidance and inspiration you need to nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships with proven, simple, and effective tools that really give you a boost as a homemaker.

      But time is running out! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle will only be available from 8:00 a.m. EST on Monday, April 20 until 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, April 27.

      Enjoy your Bundle and Happy Homemaking!

      (Want to read the fine print about this bundle?
       Need answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle?)


       Just so you know: Some of my links are affiliate links. That means I get a little bit back if you choose to purchase a linked item. It doesn't cost you anything, but it might help me buy another chicken...Win-Win! ;) Thanks!