Monday, June 29, 2015


Hi Y’all! I’m taking a moment in the middle of our barn-raising week (which has been not-so-delightfully extended by torrential rains here is southwest Ohio) to share something I’m excited about. If the following doesn’t apply to you at all, feel free to skip to another post. But if you are a woman who wants to be in charge of her own health, I encourage you to read on for a great deal on a great product!

I’m talking about the free Kindara Fertility Tracking app and their —well, not free, but seriously awesome — new, bluetooth-enabled, basal body thermometer.

Fertility what? Heidi, are you some kind of hippy? (I've been accused of worse. :) Let me ask YOU a question! Are you a woman who is just done — DONE! — putting up with the nasty and often times dangerous side-effects of chemical birth control pills and other contraceptives? Are you interested in a natural option that guides you toward your goal of getting pregnant — or avoiding pregnancy — equally easily? Natural Family Planning has been around for ages, and Fertility Awareness Method has been taught for years, but it’s amazing how many women have never heard of either method, or have been led to believe that they aren’t accurate, effective, or "safe" at all.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Heidi, you have eight children. EIGHT! So obviously, this method isn't working for you." It's true, our proverbial cup runneth over and our shoe is blessedly full. But you don't have to be actively PREVENTING pregnancies or TRYING TO CONCEIVE to track your fertility. For me, it's really tracking. Just tracking! I love knowing why I'm cranky, why I'm hungry, why I'm tired, or that I am, indeed, pregnant, oftentimes a full week before a urine test would tell me -- this knowledge helps me better formulate a personal health plan to get nourishment, rest, and quiet when I need it, which is pretty awesome.

 If you are a woman, or know one (I think that covers pretty much all of you!) you might want to check this out.

Now Kindara brings you an app — and a smart thermometer — to make it pretty, easy, accessible, and maybe even fun? to track fertility. (Here’s a hint: You don’t even have to be Catholic to do it - I’m not!)

With the Kindara app, you can learn all about the Fertility Awareness Method, which is basically any form of Natural Family Planning where you cross-check your basal body temperature (the lowest (waking) temperature of the day) with your cervical fluid, and, optionally, with your internal cervical position. These three pieces of your fertility puzzle, when entered into the app, paint an amazing picture of what your body is doing TODAY, and gives you a great prediction of the weeks to come. (The more consistently you use it, the more accurate it predicts the details of your cycle.)

If you’ve never considered completely chemical-free birth control before, Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a good book to pick up. It explains everything in detail.

The App is intuitive and fun to use, but very versatile!

  • You can track your fertility to avoid, time, or achieve pregnancy or pinpoint health issues related to hormones.
  • You can predict ovulation, period, and fertile days.
  • You will have access to a large knowledge base with detailed information on how to use the app and how to track your fertility, even if you’ve never done it before.
  • You will be able to see a chart gallery and optionally share your own and look at other Kindara users’ charts to gain insight into your cycles.
  • You can use a completely customizable journal section to keep track of other activities that might (or might not) be related to your cycle, like moods, headaches, caffeine, exercise, foods, and anything else you can think of.

Hmmm… Interesting. What Would I Need to Start Tracking my Fertility?

A basal body thermometer is a must-have. It measures the resting temperature you take at a consistent time every morning, before you do anything else – no moving around or nursing the baby or getting up to use the bathroom before you take your temperature. You can get a basal body thermometer from any pharmacy or drug store for $10-$15. Most of the ones I've used are super basic. They take a long to read your temp. They beep while taking your temp. They beep when you’re done, or they beep 10 times when you’re done. (This is really annoying to husbands and co-sleeping babies!) They don’t remember your temp for long -- if your delightful three-year old turns it on, and you don’t catch it within 3 seconds, you’ve lost your temp for the day. Frustrating.

This is how I found Kindara’s Wink Basal Body Thermometer. My drug store version died (again) and when I mentioned it to my husband, his first words were: “PLEASE find one that doesn’t beep!” I searched the depths of the basal body temperature interwebs and was delighted to learn about Kindara’s Wink thermometer. It gently vibrates when you’re done taking your temp and sends that temp via low-energy blue-tooth to the Kindara app on your phone or iPod. You can take your temp when you’re half-asleep, and no one will be the wiser! If you’re not near your phone (or it’s dead) Wink will store up to 6 months of temperatures for you to download when you’re re-connected. No more lost temps!
What’s even better is that you get $10 off the pre-order special of $79 for this awesome blue-tooth-enabled thermometer, when you use my affiliate link:
And y'all. It even comes in PINK. I'm sold.

Wondering if it's worth it? Watch the video below to see Wink in action!

Wink will ship sometime this summer, so what until then? Do you need to buy a cheap version to tide you over? No! Kindara will send you a free basal thermometer in the mean time. Later on, the Wink Thermometer price will jump up to $129. Get it while it’s only $69 with my affiliate link.

Get Your Free Kindara App:



**Don’t order the Wink Thermometer through your newly-downloaded app – you won’t get $10 off. You have to use this link to get the free $10:

Don’t wait too long, because they will stop offering the pre-order price once shipping begins.

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Here's to your good health!