Monday, January 30, 2017

Homestead Lately, a Farm Life Day Book || Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers

Recently I walked by my daughter in the school room where she was blogging, and asked, “How’s it going?” “Good!” she replied. “I’m just reading the comments on my latest post.”
“Lucky girl!” I exclaimed. “I never get any comments.”
“Uhhh…that’s because you never write any posts, Mom.”


Here’s the truth: When it comes to blogging, blogging takes a back seat in my life. Writing more (and posting more frequently) is one of my 2017 goals, but even as far as goals go, it’s not in the top 3. (Goal #1, if you’re wondering, is to find a diagnosis for my chronic illness and feel. good. again. I’ve already taken some big action steps, and I’m excited about progress!)

Sometimes I get great ideas for blog posts, but finding a big block of designated time for writing something worth reading (plus getting good photos!) does not come easily in this homesteading, homeschooling family of nine children. Often, by the time I’ve got time to write, the topic doesn’t seem relevant anymore. I’m spread out from helping a high schooler complete college applications on one end, and nursing a nine-month-old 3 times a night on the other. (You know how you mention your struggle with some child and another mom will say, “Oh, it’s just a season!”? That’s true for all mommas, but for large family moms, we’re going through all the seasons, all the time. It can be overwhelming. And EXHAUSTING.

Back to blogging: Later in that day, my daughter brought in the local paper which sports our favorite Amish cooking column on the front page. (Hey, small town.) I am a well-known Amish-phile, and my daughter is following in my barefootsteps.

Though we enjoy the recipes in the column, what we really love about the Amish Cook are the interesting peeks into her family’s life. What’s growing in the garden, who had a baby, what community activity they attended. Farming. Frolics. Quiltings. The plain life is attractive not for its ease, but for its simplicity; There’s no mention of what they binge-watched on Netflix or bought at Ikea. They work together, eat together,  and enjoy each other, and it’s so simple that it’s refreshing.

“Mom,” said Hadassah, my daughter. “You should blog like this: Just tell people what we did today - not every day, but sometimes --
and sometimes write a bigger post about how you did it, like a recipe or something.  I’ll take photos for you.”

Well, shoot. Why didn’t I think of that?

So, I’ve run out blogging time explaining what I’m going to write, and never really got around to writing it. But at least now I have a plan: Homestead Lately, a farm life day book, coming soon to blog posts near you, Lord willin’.

Now tell me, how do you find time in your busy schedule to blog? Leave me a comment below!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Stop Making Resolutions | Start Achieving Goals || Back to Basics Living Bundle

Are You Setting Goals?

January is a time for new beginnings and getting excited about planning for the year ahead. Maybe you made some resolutions or set some goals for yourself and your family this year. Was one of your goals to live more simply this year? What about growing some of your own food, or maybe getting chickens? Have you thought about taking charge of your family’s health by using herbs or essential oils, or even real food as medicine?

I took an amazing course by life coach Michael Hyatt in 2016 that taught me the difference between making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals with real actionable steps. The former will often fizzle out by the third week of January (that’s NOW!) because even though your intentions were great, the resolution was too broad, too intangible, too unattainable to make progress on. Instead, I learned to set goals - which can be fairly broad- and then break them down into smaller intermediate goals and assign action steps to each. I even learned to avoid overwhelm by not assigning 25 action steps to each intermediate goal…but just ONE AT A TIME. It’s all about baby steps. Assign an action step, complete it. Assign the next action step. Complete that. In no time at all, you’ll be reaching your intermediate goals, and then hitting your big one!

You Have to Dive In!

We’ve had “go off off-grid” as one of our goals for about 4 years now. That’s a BIG, GENERAL, oftentimes OVERWHELMING goal. So we have lots of intermediate goals built in, like develop independent food sources,  and develop homesteading skills, (such as gardening, animal husbandry, woodlot management, tool usage and permaculture.)

At this point, we have to pick one skill we want to learn, and figure out HOW we’re going to learn it. In the past, this is where I hit a wall. There are a multitude of blog posts and YouTube videos out there, but so often I would find conflicting advice. I really needed a homesteader friend to come along beside me and tell me what I needed to do. And for years, this caused “Goal Paralysis”. Until last year, when I had this huge (simple) revelation: There’s always, ALWAYS, going to be more that I don’t know. But if I wait until I feel like I know it all, I’ll never move toward completing my goals at all.

So here’s the good news! If you, like me, wish you had a friend to come along beside you and teach you simple living wisdom and back to basics knowledge,  Bill and Jennifer Osuch from the Self Reliant School (where they teach gardening, real food cooking and preserving skills), have put together an amazing Back to Basics Living Bundle.

If you read my blog at all, you probably know how bundles work: Multiple authors get together and offer their resources at an extreme discount so the reader gets an amazing value (while the authors get an excited new audience!)

This year's bundle includes more than 70 resources to help you get back to basics and will help you:

  • Plant and harvest your own vegetables
  • Cook from scratch using nourishing real food
  • Learn what it means to live a simpler life, with less stress
  • Create a wholesome, healthy food storage system
  • Learn how to create and use natural remedies such as herbs and oils
  • Learn how to live a more frugal life, do more things yourself, manage a small homestead, and much much more!

Who Wrote This Thing?

Simply put: these authors are some of the best in the business! A lot of them have official credentials, but more importantly they are bloggers and writers are who are "walking the walk" by living a back to basics lifestyle. They are out there on the front lines sharing what works and what doesn't. Even if you decide not to follow their advice, they are worth listening to!

It’s like a seasoned homesteader friend coming along beside you in your home, yard or farm, and saying, “Here’s a way I do it - let’s try this together.”

But it's also kind of like buying your first chicks and chicken paraphernalia; there's a ton of stuff and it can be overwhelming. That's why they have created a getting started guide that will help you utilize the most relevant information to you so you can begin getting back to basics immediately.

Plus, the Back To Basics Living Bundle has more than 12 bonus offers that are exclusive to the bundle. In fact, if you took advantage of just half the bonus offers you'd come out ahead. In other words, the bundle would be paid for by the savings from purchases made through the bonus offers.

How Much Is This Thing?

Buying each of these resources separately you'd pay over $800, but for this short sale it's 96% off!

Did I mention you can download your bundle INSTANTLY for under $30?
No more resolutions, no more overwhelm. Consider this bundle as one of the first, best, and most frugal action steps toward reaching your ultimate simpler living, self-sufficiency goals.

The bundle is only available for a few days: January 16-22, so don't wait too long.
Click here to find out more and get  yours!

What are some of your goals and action steps for 2017? Tell me below!