Monday, January 30, 2017

Homestead Lately, a Farm Life Day Book || Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers

Recently I walked by my daughter in the school room where she was blogging, and asked, “How’s it going?” “Good!” she replied. “I’m just reading the comments on my latest post.”
“Lucky girl!” I exclaimed. “I never get any comments.”
“Uhhh…that’s because you never write any posts, Mom.”


Here’s the truth: When it comes to blogging, blogging takes a back seat in my life. Writing more (and posting more frequently) is one of my 2017 goals, but even as far as goals go, it’s not in the top 3. (Goal #1, if you’re wondering, is to find a diagnosis for my chronic illness and feel. good. again. I’ve already taken some big action steps, and I’m excited about progress!)

Sometimes I get great ideas for blog posts, but finding a big block of designated time for writing something worth reading (plus getting good photos!) does not come easily in this homesteading, homeschooling family of nine children. Often, by the time I’ve got time to write, the topic doesn’t seem relevant anymore. I’m spread out from helping a high schooler complete college applications on one end, and nursing a nine-month-old 3 times a night on the other. (You know how you mention your struggle with some child and another mom will say, “Oh, it’s just a season!”? That’s true for all mommas, but for large family moms, we’re going through all the seasons, all the time. It can be overwhelming. And EXHAUSTING.

Back to blogging: Later in that day, my daughter brought in the local paper which sports our favorite Amish cooking column on the front page. (Hey, small town.) I am a well-known Amish-phile, and my daughter is following in my barefootsteps.

Though we enjoy the recipes in the column, what we really love about the Amish Cook are the interesting peeks into her family’s life. What’s growing in the garden, who had a baby, what community activity they attended. Farming. Frolics. Quiltings. The plain life is attractive not for its ease, but for its simplicity; There’s no mention of what they binge-watched on Netflix or bought at Ikea. They work together, eat together,  and enjoy each other, and it’s so simple that it’s refreshing.

“Mom,” said Hadassah, my daughter. “You should blog like this: Just tell people what we did today - not every day, but sometimes --
and sometimes write a bigger post about how you did it, like a recipe or something.  I’ll take photos for you.”

Well, shoot. Why didn’t I think of that?

So, I’ve run out blogging time explaining what I’m going to write, and never really got around to writing it. But at least now I have a plan: Homestead Lately, a farm life day book, coming soon to blog posts near you, Lord willin’.

Now tell me, how do you find time in your busy schedule to blog? Leave me a comment below!

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Heidi Schaap

Heidi is a child of God, a homemaker, wife to a studly backyard lumberjack, and homeschooling Momma to nine fun, highly energetic outdoorling children. Her family homesteads a small patch of woods in Ohio and when Heidi’s not in the kitchen baking bread or cookies, she’s growing veggies, playing tag with dairy goats, and shooing chickens off the front porch. Heidi loves books, natural living, and coffee…Actually, let’s put the coffee first. She is the author of Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers, a book she hopes will bless you immensely.


Kelly said...

I would love to know what you do in a day. Or how you go about canning or baking a huge batch of this or that? Does it take a whole day? Do you involve the children? (I am sure you must! It can be hard to know what tasks small children can do, versus older, etc. I would love to know how you do it.)


Charlotte Boyer said...

Oh, Mrs. Schaap, you are so wonderful :) I loved reading this post, and even though I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum (single gal from a small fam with too much time on her hands ;), I love reading and observing you run your household with such grace, godliness and determination. Inspiration for my someday, you know :) Keep up the wonderful work that the Lord has given you to do. You inspire more people than you know!

Blessings to you!